Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Did we really go to Shanghai...!!??

The boys (most of us anyway) decided to have a weekend in Shanghai – the global city – instead of discovering more of ancient China in Xian like the girls did. The logic being that historic places are like good wine, the older they are, the better and more overwhelming their experience. Thus Xian would be much better 6 months or 2 years or 10 years down the line whenever we get a chance to go there again.

Shanghai is surreal...enigmatic and the Shanghai experience is like a blur difficult to explain. Shanghai cannot be described and attempting to do so I draw a big blank! It may be because the city defies any attempt at explanations, or it may just be the being wasted at clubs and bars!!

The German insisted on a Bavarian meal instead of a Chinese meal like I wanted...
I thought I could count on Tom for help on writing this blog. With a dirty stomach infection, he was out of the club and bar scene and could potentially help piece together a bit of ‘What Happens in Shanghai’. My hopes were dashed when I talked to him for research! 67% of his memories of Shanghai are of being in a room with a better bed and more comfortable aircon. Another 22% of his memories are of the washroom right next to this room, leaving around 11% memories of anything else. This wasn’t really going to help.
... and he paid a price :)

As a last resort, it’s the pictures that tell the story.

Carlos is the good samaritan and goes out of his way to help random needy people. There IS some sorta pattern though!

 In Shanghai downtown, it is impossible to take picture in landscape mode.

In a make believe surreal city, it made perfect sense to move up a few notches in status by buying Rolex watches for ourselves and pampering ourselves a bit. It was also the easiest way to get rid of the swarm of touts selling just about anything under the sun. From massages, to iPhones, to handbags, cushion covers... you name it and they had it or could 'walk you somewhere where you could get it'. I half expected the watch to read 'Rolecks' but was pleasantly surprised when the spelling was correct (though the print slightly off), and off course the chronograph dials were paint-ons!

Moving up in life to Rolex: While the watches may be fake, note that the brown skin is the centre of attraction!!

Sure I've met people with magnetic personalities.. hey.. even I am one of those :-). But it's the MagLev (Magnetically Levitated) train running over a 30 km stretch in Shanghai, with speeds touching 431 kms/hr that really takes magnetism to a whole new level. The train journey is not really for a quick date or a quick snooze (unless your idea of a quick date/snooze is 8 mins).

Who wins the magnetism contest?

There is something about men that makes them stare at globes anywhere!!

The Shanghai Adventure!
Sorry folks.. that is all that I can piece together from the pictures (that I can share!). Shanghai deserves a longer visit.. clearly a weekend cannot do justice. Tom, Dan.. anyone for another quick trip? I heard that Duli is already there anyway!

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