Thursday, June 2, 2011

Exposé: Dirty laundry in public

So Lucy sent across a mail to publish the pending laundry costs to be recovered from the team. This being an insightful communication, it deserves to be shared with the rest of the world.

Hi team,
I list everyone laundry costs below, tomorrow night I'm going to collect laundry money.  Thanks!
Name      Room #  Total Amt.  Due Amt
Thomas      8801     269     -169
Carlos      8802     259     -159
Thiago      8803     303     -203
Andrea      8805     355     -255
Susanna     8806     281     -181
Dulith      8807     96      +4
Shruti      8808     233     -133
Denis       8810     190     -90
Dan         8809     304     -204
Mukul       8701     185     -85
Sussanne    8811     77      +23
Best regards

The following are the observations:
  • Clearly the Americans - those born and brought up in the US or North America, and not counting immigrants who've spent only 21years in the US - have a greater need for laundry. This could be due to multiple reasons... maybe they dirty easily, maybe they pack less clothes for travel, or maybe the fact that they're spending on laundry gives them some sort of first-world gratification.
  • The Brazilians need to spend money on getting to the kind of women-swooning responses they get on the streets. Maybe not as much as the Americans, but still good money. I would say that's money well spent. 
  • The Indians are perfectly optimized laundry-mature individuals. They seem to be aware of the fine trade-off between hygiene and the detrimental impact that laundry has on the ecology etc. These are the folks who will save the world yet! 
  • The Sri Lankans in the US tend to not use much of laundry at all, and often try to divert attention from their clothes by wearing extremely dark glasses. There is a short story of interest here too. As Duli/Tom and I went shopping for a hard-disk and I was in the middle of a heated negotiation, the shop girl looked at Duli and began giggling. It took a bit for us to get off the negotiation frame of mind and look at Duli's inside out T-shirt (Exhibit 1, 2 below). Duli nonchalantly dismissed this as intentional and not-a-great-deal ho-hum and a bit of you-wouldn't-like-to-see-what-I-do-with-other-garments-inside-if-any. I made a last ditch opportunistic bid to secure third-world poverty sympathy from the shop girl but without any success. Well anyway, Duli's laundry savings were put into the hard-disk purchase.

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

The perfect coverup for clothes being repeated for the 8th time. Duli got the traffic to a halt with this outfit... mostly because the vehicles waited for him to take out a cane and tap his way across the road. 

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