Saturday, June 11, 2011

Random Faces... and the end of Chopstix

I've never been particularly fond of pictures or cameras. This China trip was where I seem to have made a significant exception and clicked anything and everything... mostly for the sake of this blog. Still with the country being what it is, it's impossible to capture it completely in all it's hues and energy. Reminds me of Irrfan Khan chiding his young son (in the movie adaptation of 'The Namesake') for having forgotten his camera on the beach while adventuring deeper in the sea... 'well then.. no camera... we must just look carefully and take memories along!'

Lots of memories... the faces on the street speak a million emotions... here are some random Chinese faces (and may have a few Japanese/Koreans because of my own limitations of identification). The China 13 team should be able to identify quite a few.

A trillion emotions in a country of a billion...

The end of Chopstix... no more to eat :)

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