Friday, June 3, 2011

Why we should not mess with the Chinese!

One week after the project began, I had had enough of hearing the health conscious folks in the team going on and on about the wonders of the park alongside Motel 168 and the pleasures in morning walks. These were obviously the folks who slept in the night and thus could walk in the morning. For me a morning walk was typically a walk back from the club!!
Anyhow, with superhuman effort I managed to do 4 days of morning walks - the conventional style - and got a glimpse of what the Chinese do in the mornings. Apparently they're all getting ready for war! The degree of physical exercises can really not be justified by conventional 'getting rid of a beer belly' or 'grinding off my celluloid' or 'getting that stiffness in my neck out' kind of reasoning. These were full fledged military styled drills. Line dancing, Feng Shui and other martial arts, vigorous/aggressive/destructive moves - all designed to inspire awe. Even the music practice sessions seem to have some kind of military preparedness about them. And this was no one off park... the entire country seems to be possessed with a similar culture.

In comparison, a walk in the park in either a mofussil town in India, or even a respectable metropolis would expose pot bellied hairy people (yes, both men AND women) sipping large cups of sickeningly sweet tea, eating deep fried paranthas with dollops of white butter, and having belching contests (with points for volume, odor, and 'character' in each belch).

Here are some videos I captured of the class apparently graduating from cadets to captain in one of the parks in China. 

I understand there are border disputes, and there are policy disagreements; but I would really caution anyone from  messing around with the Chinese. They seem just too well prepared.

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