Thursday, May 12, 2011

The CTS Hotel (why would anyone call a hotel that??)

Getting into the CTS Hotel I got a mini panic attack (to be supplemented in good measure when we would later check into Motel 168 at our final destination). This wasn’t the typical company-approved-accommodation that we’ve been spoilt with but wasn’t really all that bad except for the limited moving space in the room. I knocked my foot against the bed on entering, and later in the night banged my elbow hard on the bedside table (needed some balm and a crepe bandage for three nights for the pain to go away). Clearly I was in an emergency situation and fortunately each room had a (payable) emergency kit in the bathroom. Unfortunately it wasn’t really for emergencies like mine.

Not only were the CTSians thoughtful to cater for alternate emergencies… they even catered for emergencies twice over! (contents=2 for those of you who can’t make that out from the image).

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