Monday, May 23, 2011

If you EAT one, you can't BE one! Right?

So today I had one those essential experiences that one acquires and narrates in countless social gatherings back home where (generally over the 5th drink), men begin to play the one-upmanship game of "I've done this, I've done that, and once actually I did this with that (and she loved it!)". And later in life stories like these (though not the this with that type) are told to wide-eyed grand-kids to get them to consider ol' granddad in the same league as Superman - though - of course - greyed, fat and mostly pathetic. Just because frankly nobody else is interested - having heard the 5 minute story a million times by then. 

I ate a donkey. 
Save your visions; this was not me gnawing hoof upwards and eventually wiping my mouth with a tiny bushy tail. This was just a deep fried sandwich with only donkey meat in it. Nice and tasty, I did not see what the fuss was about. Lucy - who took me for this feast - told me that donkey meat is supposed to be cholesterol free and that quite sold me the idea. 

Even before the cholesterol thing appealed to my sense of rationale and the idea of what we can eat and what not, I firmly believed that that if I can eat one, then I can't be one!! This is one thing less that I will be called in my life now onwards. 
It was an impromptu meal so the camera did not get taken along unfortunately even though the menu on the wall begged to be blogged. Different pictures of donkeys - light/dark/small/large/lazy-looking/more-energetic. You're supposed to point to the desired one and explain that you "want the sad looking dejected one with minimal cholesterol".

Will try and update with pictures if I happen to go by again. 

Next on the agenda is the dog... that's again something I get called a lot!  


  1. Finally got to read all of them at one go....wonderful...I love the concept of having a blog for this month program (a beautiful way of utilising time, building memories and sharing some great adventure)...and the blogs in themselves are just so funny at the same time so meaningful... thanks for taking me around China:):):)

  2. Hey Mukul!
    Doesn't it say "Needs one to know one!"
    and - you asked for it -

    You son of a b***h!

    c u l8r