Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Team Introductions Part 2

(Disclaimer #2 re-emphasized )

Dan: Dan of the Dan-Dan Noodles fame (http://dandan-noodles.blogspot.com) is best known for having an enviable support system in China in terms a good friend who speaks flawless Mandarin. There is this constant sneaky suspicion that he's having more fun in the background than most of us owing to this significant advantage. My sense is that if I stick around him long enough, some of the benefits may pass through. 
Also equally well known for 33% equity stake as founder member of the Suri cafe (of the daily happy hours' fame)

Andrea: American! Not Chinese. Speak English. Don't speak Chinese. MBA. NY Stern. American, not Chinese (oh.. I've been over that already... my bad!). 
Just remember the above and you're good. Forget at your peril and 'somebody's gonna get hurt real bad' :)

Jokes aside, this is one girl who knows her mind, is hardworking, devoted to her project... and guess who's her lucky project mate?? :)

Susanna: Our L1 support system in China 13  before we reach out to Emily (L2 remote assistance) for additional translation services, or reach out to Lucy (L3 deskside support) to come and get us out of whatever trouble we've landed into. If none of us starve in S'j'huang town or get lost anywhere, it's probably due to the security of having Susanna on speed-dial.
Susanne: If the projects we've been assigned can - for a minute - be considered to  be on careful considerations of merit and capability, then Sue is probably a PhD (twice over). Clearly her client Googled up our organizations' typical hourly billing rates (for Austrian resources), and went ahead to create the most demanding schedule possible. 
This girl is smart... smart enough to have anticipated 'Team Introductions Part 2' and doing the right thing by coming down to me and telling me that she loved me. Sweet touch! Hence no personal comments!! Good job!!

Thiago: Our good friend Thiago is the second half of the Brazilian contingent in the team and accounts for the remaining 50% alongwith Carlos (on volume considerations - though - he accounts for only  around 15%).
With youth, enthusiasm, and a very notorious cultural background on his side it seems a little unfortunate that his project doesn't leave him enough time to try  get into trouble. I'm betting good money that he'll figure a way out though!


Me: Many faults but narcissism is not one of those. We'll have to wait and see if any of the comments to this blog end up having an introduction to me.
Emily (from our NGO support team): If our NGO had marketing brochures, this face would surely be on it. The reason the mug-shot alongside is excessively cropped down to the minimum required by protocol is that it was tough to find a picture of her without another three people in it.
Forever helpful and highly enthusiastic, it would behoove (thanks for that word Andrea!) her well to know that sometimes people are not as helpless as it benefits them to appear. Then again, I'm guessing she knows that!
Lucy (from our NGO support team): Need I say more than 'We love Lucy!!'. ??

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