Monday, May 30, 2011

Sue's Birthday (21st May)

So this post is a little delayed and I've been out of action for a bit. I mentioned last week how we decided to give Sue the shopping time of her life at the Huge Commodities Market, and how that did not turn out too well. Later in the evening we went in for a more conventional birthday celebration. Hotpot with lots of meat (hey, who can refuse one lamb free with one order of lamb and beef?) and barely made our way through the cake. With my birthday coming up in 3 days time, I was anxious to see whether the great Indian custom of cake smearing had found its way to other cultures yet or not. Thankfully, it had not. 

Queen Sue: Elegant as ever

Too many candles for someone who looks 18??

The queen with the subjects
The evening could not really be considered over just then... While the blogpost image errors from my previous post may have given a sneak preview of what happened, here are a few more images from visit to Club 88. There was karaoke upstairs and the dancing downstairs and lots of Vodka en route between these two spots (with dabbles of beer for good measure). It was a happy team and it was a b'day well celebrated. Birthday celebrations like these, unfortunately, set the bar too high for future birthdays :)
The Queen dancing.. err.. the Dancing Queen!

Lucy taking charge

The ladies letting down their hair (wherever possible)

Censored to account for Indian cultural sensivities.. yeah yeah.. squint away, you fellas :)
Squint any more and you could be mistaken for  a Chinese

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