Thursday, May 26, 2011

Of Exclusive Clubs and Competition

There have been some mentions of the Club Mukul on an alternate blog, but I thought it is important for me to give my readers a perspective as well.

Being the only person on my floor, it would seem strange that Club Mukul should have been created in the first place. There are those critics that are plain green and believe that a larger room is what explains the establishment of this enterprise and are obviously in denial that it's the larger heart and not the larger room that makes Club Mukul such a resounding success!
  • Unmatched authentic Indian Hospitality at it's best
  • Good understanding of customer preferences
  • Value added services such as entertainment and gossip
  • Free intellectualizing session on account of the fact that 'I'm an MBA'© *** and need only a broad keyword of one or two syllables to get started.
  • Relationship advice including playing the Agony Aunt bit. 
  • Technology discussions and also L2/L3 troubleshooting 
Club M: Founder's Day celebration i.e. day of the Founder's founding and not day of the club's founding.

Loyal Patronage. Customer Sat at it's best!

The Motel 168 daily reported last week that a me-too enterprise (Club Tom) was launched to latch on to the resounding success of Club Mukul (report carried in fine print on the last page). Rumors have it that the Club closed early on it's inauguration day itself and the CEO was at Club Mukul's for a night cap. Club Tom CEO (also one of the original 33% equity holders in Club M) refused to comment on the veracity of these rumors so this information needs to be treated as hearsay only.

***: I have been informed by the copyright owner of 'I'm and MBA' that I have exhausted the royalty paid to give the right to use this in my conversations and text. Looks like I need to purchase additional credits! 


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  2. As CEO, CFO, CIO and Head of Communications I'll honestly have to correct a few impressions of Mr Mukul S. (CEO of Club Mukul):

    Club Tom wasn't a "me too" entreprise. The onlz reason why Club Tom existed for one night was the decision of Club Mukul CEO Mukul S. to close down the club for one night on short notice to strife along the Shijiazhuang nightlife.
    I offered my humble sleeping cell to ensure that not all members for Club Mukul walk away and would return to the club the following days. Mukul S. himself delivered the batch of Mr. Red - just enough to survive a single night (yeah! I know you already see my point!).

    So you clearly see: I was forced to do all that, but maybe the german hospitality and friendliness wasn't as bad as expected and now this is a bad ad campaign to regain the lead in Shijiazhuang club nightlife! :-)